Established in 2007, Veteng Thinking Ltd. specializes in the field of protective circuit components, Its products include negative temperature coefficient thermistors (NTC thermistor), metal oxide varistors (MOV), polymer positive temperature coefficient thermistors (PTC resettable fuse), and temperature sensors. These products can protect other electronic components and ensure the normal operation of equipment.

     As one of the global leading suppliers, The THINKING brand has been well recognized by customers for a long time. High quality, More competitive prices, Faster delivery, we are working hard to make our customers`s products have higher value. 

    Our company’s products are verified to comply with international standards,  including UL, cUL, CSA, VDE, TUV, SAA and CQC.

     VETENG THINKING positions itself as an independent sales team of THINKING, a team that serves global customers directly. we are striving to become the most professional service provider of protective circuit components, with great cooperation and technical support.

  • Certification

  • QC

  • Environmental protection

  • CQC04001011942

  • SGS

  • TUV R50050155

  • VDE VT

  • UL E138827

  • UL E314979 TVR

  • UL E314979 TVR

  • CSA 97495

  • SAA 97495

  • VDE VT

  • VDE 5944

  • VDE 40021243


Remarkable quality covering from administrative staff to each employee in the production forefront is our faith that we are always insisting. Through years of continuous improvement, we set according standards for all details. We conduct 100% test for electrical performance of finished products via precise detecting instruments and 100% visual check for appearance. We own a testing laboratory for product safety with a series of advanced detecting instruments to ensure the liability of product quality.

ISO9001:2008 ISO9001:2008

Environmental protection

To ensure the conformance of our products to the environmental regulations and various environmental requirements of clients, we carry out substance composition tests against all raw materials and finished products in a regular manner, keep every production step under strict control and completely eradicate addition of any unsafe substance.

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